Boucherouite Rug “Pearl” 135x195cm


Boucherouite Pearl

Material: Recycled Textiles

Size: 135x195cm


Each Boucherouite rug in our curated collection is unique piece of art. We have personally handpicked them from all around little villages of Morocco.

The nomad women of each tribe wove boucherouite rugs for to use individual bedding. The dimension varied according to the heights of the person. Larger ones for adults, smaller ones for children. Long and narrow rugs (wich are perfect runners) are placed along the edge of a wall
to use as a sort of bench. Nowadays Boucherouites are also used as a floor covering and furnishing since part of nomads are giving up their lifestyle and settling down -although it’s a slow process…



Weavers blend what they can find with fibers from recycled sweaters and clothes.  Besides being very cost-effective and ecological the recycled materials with a whole new range of hues encourages a creative impuls among the women so the boucherouite rugs are very playful, joyous and wild. Women wove intuitively “what comes to mind”. Sometimes the colors dictate the patterns.


Boucherouite Rugs can be used in many different interior styles as they bring an interesting contrastto a minimal black and white interior and ads hint of  color and personality to different kind of spaces from children’s room to living room. Small Boucherouites works as well on the wall as a piece of art.







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