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Story Behind


Madesign is a Finnish brand founded and run by Anniina & Antti whose journey lifestyle opened the doors to entrepreneurship. Madesign's main focus is on truly limited and authentic interior design objects; especially Moroccan nomadic Berber rugs.

Madesign on the road, roadtrip Morocco

The story behind the brand began from our passion about travelling, primarily by van or motorcycle, hunting vintage objects, art items and handicrafts. We were living in Spain for a couple of years and from there we made many trips to Morocco. Soon we noticed how we enjoyed trading on territories settled by Berbers with rules of their own.

These adventure trips also made sense of starting a business. First of our ”let's see what we find here..?” - tour with a van was about 2000km and it was successful. At the end of the long and winding road of the Atlas mountains in the old dark-coloured van without an air conditioning (hothothot!!), we made significant find – authentic and genuine Berber art rugs, and there was no return. 

Madesign story behind

We have bought products from many places where the makers have touched deeply when they hear we are buying their handicrafts all the way to Finland for sale.
Every single maker under Madesign brand does their job with a great passion using natural materials. Our ideology is to "SUPPORT THE MAKERS!" by trading with the local artisans and buying their creations or designing crafts for them to produce, and paying a fair price for their hard work.

First of all, we want to collaborate with the forgotten everyday heroes, whose surviving each day takes more than we usually comprehend. We search all the time new opportunities to offer a job to the craftsman who needs it the most so that we could bring these ethically made art and design objects for our beloved customers who appreciate sustainability.

Every old and handmade object has a story to tell; they bring any space alive by giving depth and contrast. The vintage rugs are our speciality field, and we've been learned all our knowledge in practice. It's a pleasure to be able to share that information with you so that you can be sure what you are purchasing. We seek exciting artefacts and vintage objects from different cultures all the time.

We want to do our part in maintaining the precious handicraft traditions, the reuse of old objects and respect for real vintage items. The fact that a product has been acquired with respect to the maker and that an old object has been found from an unexpected place and can be used again, for nature… It's not obvious, and that's the thing that keeps us going, even trough the hard times.

Today it's a pleasure to work with appreciated companies and professionals who value

high quality, sustainability and personality in interior design.

We are always looking for adventure, and that's what we get when we are treasure hunting. You never know what's waiting behind the corner. We do what we love and love what we do when it comes to Madesign. Madesign is a company born out of two dreamers lifestyle; love for a simpler living, art and vintage objects. We believe people are happier when they "buy less, choose well and makes it last" #Qualitybeforequantity.

Madesign traveling - Indian Ocean

Every one of us has our place in this world and also a responsibility of choices we make, how we treat each other and how we treat this land.  

Let's all make decisions for a better tomorrow.

Madesign traveling - Searching for craftsmen in India
Madesign is a dream come true for two dreamers who dream on for a better world.  
Love & Respect Anniina & Antti