Care Instructions



Authentic Moroccan rugs are made with piety and love from high-quality materials that are durable and ecological. Moroccan Berber rugs are build to last - made to withstand wear and tear.

Chemical-free Berber rugs are easy to keep clean, as high-quality and untreated wool resists static, dirt, dust, and wicks away moisture from spills, so all it takes is a kitchen paper to soak up a stain or spill. Wool is antimicrobial so it won’t harbor any smells like synthetics do. Berber rug is instantly refreshed by ventilation and vacuuming. Already dried stains can be cleaned at home with Marseille soap. Marseille soap contains fat, so it does not remove the lanolin of wool.

Lanolin is naturally in wool and maintains good quality of wool and gives the wool its healthy looks and silky sheen. For many, the easy care of a woolen rug comes as a surprise. Also Wool does not come off a carefully made carpet when the yarn is properly hand-spun.

In the winter time -where it snows- is a good old way to freshen up the moroccan rug by ”washing” it with frosty snow and the rug is good as new. If the rug needs a water wash, it is advisable to use laundries that are specialized in nomadic carpets. Boucherouite rugs made from recycled textiles can be washed at home like rag rugs. If wool has been used in the Boucherouite, washing it requires special clarity or turning to a professional.

Any questions about moroccan rug care instructions? We are happy to help!