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Press / Collaborations

Product Lends

Do you need truly limited handmade pieces or authentic vintage objects to some of your photo shoot or projects?

We offer nationwide lending on all our products for free if Madesign is to be mentioned.
We charge 20% fee if you would like to borrow without a mention.


Want to Use Our Images?

You're welcome to use our photos (ask if hi-res needed) if Madesign is mentioned; please send us a copy. Thank you!


Need products for your interior design project?

We love to do also bigger projects. If you need to style public spaces, we are there for you. We have great contacts in Morocco;

we work straight with the artisans so we can also deliver custom made handicrafts easily and efficiently.

We offer highly competitive prices for all projects. 

Need help with interior styling?

If you need consulting when it comes to interior design, we are happy to help you out with any problems!


Any Other Collaborations?

We are open-minded and always interested in many kinds of projects, so if you got something on your mind, feel free to contact us.



[email protected]

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