Azilal 125x350cm

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Berber rugs are made by the Berber women of different nomadic tribes. There are multiple Berber tribes and the rugs are named after them. Nomadic tribes and families have their recognizable styles making rugs. Berber rugs are made out of long-tailed Berber lambswool. The higher lamb lives the better wool is. Berber lambs live in the Atlas Mountains, and the wool is one of the highest quality wool in the world. It’s been compared to cashmere fabric cause it’s very warm, soft, shiny, aethereal and luxurious.

Making yarn out of the wool is a tough process, first cleaning up and washing the wool and then finally spinning it. If there’s going to colours in a rug, wool needs to be dyed by hand with natural colours. The rugs are weaved in vertical loom knot by knot, weaving in a middle. The designs are a special kind because when women make the rugs they don’t design it in advance. It’s kind of a journal to some, where they write their thoughts using old Berber symbols. There’s a free self-expression within the loom for women. The typically made diamond pattern shows in many Berber crafts and tattoos. It symbolizes protection. In the rugs, the pattern usually is not exact, but there’s some vibrancy. Berber’s are free-spirited and many rugs are made of pure intuition and inspiration and that is what makes these rugs so one of a kind, there’s nothing like that.
Handmade by Azilal tribe.
Material: Wool.
Colour: Natural white base with black patterns.

Estimated age 50 years.

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About the Azilal rugs:
Azilal rugs are one of the well known Berber rugs and no wonder. Their mind-blowing looks make an impression. There are no two rugs the same, not even close. What makes Azilals so recognisable is first of all the looks. White base with wild, modern and artistic patterns, lots of different symbols and different colours used, sometimes you can find Azilals also in black & white. The style of weaving and knotting; it is looser than in other Berber rugs, and it makes the Azilal rug very soft and flexible.

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